Tabor Academy College Fair

Tabor Academy hosted the first of two fall college mini-fairs for their students on Monday, September 25. A second fair will be held on October 16. Representatives from over 50 colleges from across the country, including both public and private colleges, were in attendance last Monday. The fair was open to all juniors and seniors during the last block of the day and before afternoon commitments. Students took advantage of the opportunity to visit with college representatives from near and far, which should help them to streamline their travel, or express their interest in person to a college they may have already visited and where they are now ready to submit an application.

“The access, convenience, and awareness these fairs offer our students is incredibly important both as students are starting their searches and learning to represent themselves, as well as when they make their final application list decisions,” said Mark Kate McCain, college counselor and the mini-fairs organizer. “We were pleased with the response from both the colleges and our students and are looking forward to the October fair.”

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