Sippican Woman’s Club Scholarship

The Sippican Woman’s Club is pleased to announce that we gave eighteen scholarship awards this year. Thanks to everyone’s hard work throughout the year and the success of our House Tour we gave the following awards (18 awards totaling $10,000) based on scholarship, service to the community, activities, and need. 

            ORR Regional High School: Jacqueline Barrett, Samuel Dunn, and Alexa Mc Leod

            Lu Chevrier Award: Emily Wilson (The Lu Chevrier Scholarship is awarded to a high school senior with a particularly outstanding record of community service.)

            Alice Ryder Book Award: Phoebe X. O’Leary (The Alice Ryder Book Award is presented to the highest-ranking English student in the middle school graduating class.)

            Bishop Stang High School: Fiona Lonergan, Catherine Russo, and Laurenne Wilkinson 

            Tabor Academy: Isabelle Cheney, Michael Pardo, and Riley Suh Georgia Toland 

            Continuing Education Students: Emma Collings, Pavanne Gleiman, Lauren Gonsalves, Madisen Martin, Russell Noonan, Lauren Pin, and Alissya Silva

            Scholarship Committee: Priscilla Ditchfield, Ellen Johnston, and Eileen Merlino

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