Seniors Relish Final Weeks at ORR

With the third quarter already close to halfway over at Old Rochester Regional High School, the Class of 2018 is inching closer and closer to the end of their time at high school. In fact, members of the senior class have about 50 school days left before their last day of classes.

“Compared to the past three years, I believe that senior year has been the best of all. There is more excitement and unity amongst everyone this year,” Senior Vice President Rachel Demmer commented.

Despite the three calendar months left before graduation, the 191 students of this year’s senior class already have their sights set on the near future.

A glimpse at a map of the United States in the school lobby shows the variety of colleges to which they have already been accepted: UMass Amherst, Columbia University, St. Lawrence, Emerson, University of New Hampshire, and University of Oregon are just a few. Others will make their way directly into the workforce of the surrounding South Coast area.

Before they officially leave high school behind, there are a few fun activities the seniors still have to look forward to. First, the spring production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory will be playing Thursday, March 22, through Saturday, March 25.

“It’s going to be wonderful! It’s the last show for some of us and it’s bittersweet,” said senior cast member Bella Rodrigues. “We have a really good cast and it will be fun for the whole family.”

The annual ‘Mr. ORR’ contest and senior breakfast will occur in early May. Both events are times for the class as a whole to celebrate their four-year journey and laugh together for some of the last times as classmates.

The last day of classes for seniors is Friday, May 18, which leaves a packed day as they have the senior barbecue in the afternoon followed by a night at Six Flags New England.

“As long as the trip passes the school committee in March, we will leave that afternoon or evening and take coach busses up to Six Flags,” Demmer said. “Along with other senior classes from New England, we will have the park from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am, with unlimited rides. It also comes with a buffet meal!”

The Senior Prom will be held Wednesday, May 30, the first Wednesday in recent memory, according to the school’s Facebook page.

“Prom tickets are still looking pretty expensive,” said Class Senator Sophie Gurney, “and although we’ve fundraised a lot already, there is still a GoFundMe page for the senior class and any donations would be greatly appreciated!”

“We have had lots of help from some awesome senior class parents who have organized baskets and fundraisers and have even come together on their own time to help come up with new and exciting ideas,” Demmer added. “The GoFundMe page is up to $1,250, and we raised a little over $2,500 between our class-donated bake sale and senior superlatives.”

With the June 2 graduation date approaching quickly, it has also become a time of reflection for students.

“Overall, I think we have made our mark as a whole on the school whether it is through academics, sports, art, or music,” Demmer said. “We have such a talented class and I honestly think that every single person has grown so much and helped each other to become better people.”

Gurney summed it up eloquently: “Treasure every moment of your senior year because it goes by in the blink of an eye.”

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By Jo Caynon

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