School Closure – Alternative Learning Opportunities

Good afternoon Students, Parents, Guardians, and Staff. I am hoping everyone is safe, healthy and doing well. 

            This notice will provide you with an update on resources as well as an overview of the alternative learning opportunities we will be offering our students in the coming weeks. We are well aware that all of our families are handling this unprecedented situation in different ways and have a variety of means.

            As a school community, we are here to assist and provide support. We are currently offering a breakfast and lunch program for those in need, Monday through Friday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at our elementary schools and our high school. We are able to offer technology support to any family in need. Please check previous communications or call the Superintendent’s Office at 508-758-2772 ext. 1956, if you have questions on either of these two programs.

            In addition to these two programs, starting today, the district educators have created a webpage on the district and school websites filled with an extensive list of age-appropriate alternative learning resources that families can use to support learning for their students.

            Starting the week of March 23, 2020 teachers and related service providers will begin to communicate regularly with their students. Educators will be adding resources and materials to the alternative learning website page, as well as providing other learning opportunities on their website or learning platform for their students. These alternative learning opportunities will provide students with a chance to practice and reinforce their current skillsets. At this time, lessons will not address new content materials. During this three-week closure, teachers will be expected to interact with their students through a variety of mediums (i.e, email, videos, phone calls, etc.) to provide feedback on their educational efforts, but will not assign grades. 

            Students – we are expecting that you check in on your teacher’s learning platform (i.e. google classroom, schoology, teacher website, etc.) on a daily basis. We expect that you will utilize the alternative learning resources and participate in our alternative learning opportunities, so you are ready to continue your learning when you return to school. If your student is unable to access materials online, we ask that you contact your building principal, who will make arrangements for you to receive these resources in a different format.

            We hope that you find our alternative learning plan useful and beneficial during these very difficult times. If you have specific questions, please reach out to your building principal. We are receiving guidance and support from the Department Elementary and Secondary Education daily, which may change how we deliver academic support in the coming weeks. 

            I will keep you informed and share new information as it develops. Staying safe is our number one priority – please take all COVID-19 precautions and recommendations seriously.

Douglas R. White, Jr. Superintendent of Schools

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