Richard I. and Helen A. Arthur Scholarship

Sippican Lands Trust is pleased to announce the 2024 recipient of the Richard I. and Helen A. Arthur Scholarship. Due to the rising costs of higher education, our scholarship committee has raised this award to $2,000. This award is given to a high school senior or a student in their first or second year of college who is a Marion resident, with a preference towards students interested in the environment, conservation, or a related field of study.

            The scholarship is made available through the Sippican Lands Trust Scholarship Fund. This award was created and named after Richard I. “Dick” (1933-2018) and Helen Adams Arthur (1940-2008), who were beloved residents of Marion and long-time volunteers for the organization. Dick and Helen held a deep interest in the preservation of the beautiful open spaces in Marion.

            Sippican Lands Trust is delighted to announce this year’s award recipient as Tyler Young. Tyler is a talented athlete, devoted student and frequent volunteer within the community, including two summers spent on Sippican Lands Trust’s properties. He is interested in studying environmental engineering and has indicated an investment in supporting the viability and natural beauty of the Buzzards Bay watershed.

            Sippican Lands Trust wishes Tyler success in his future endeavors. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

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