ORRHS Undergrads Earn Awards

            Old Rochester Regional High School recently announced Undergraduate Awards.

            ORR honored the following students who performed at the highest level within their remote learning plan during the 2020-21 academic year. These students are recipients of the 2021-22 Principal’s Achievement Award: Grade 9 – Ethan Furtado, Camryn Maniatis, and Hanna Whalley; Grade 10 – Abigail Paulette, Andrew Poulin, Makenna Servais and Isabella Vanderpol; and for Grade 11 – Justin Allain, Jaelyn Allen, James Coleman, Olivia Mydlack, and Klara Whalley.

            American Legion Awards: Boys State – Edward Gonet, John Kassabian, Tyler Trudeau, and Samuel Harris; Girls State – Isabella Hunter, Amaya McLeod, and Tavish Nunes.

            Presidential Service Awards: Gold – Caitlin Collier, Alia Cusolito, and Edward Gonet IV; Silver – Ashley Lawrence; and Bronze – Reese Burger, David Ditata, Tavish Nunes, Desmond Sinnott, and Autumn Tilley.

            Science & Technology Awards for Excellence: Biology – Andrew Porter and Tyler Williams; Marine Biology – Michael Holmes and Julia Sheridan; Honors Forensic Science – Christopher Bell; AP Biology – Ethan Perez-Dormitzer; Honors Physics – Claudie Bellanger; AP Physics – Colby Gross; Organic Chemistry – Isabella Correira; Honors Chemistry – Theodore Carroll; Chemistry A – Leo Grondin; AP Chemistry – Amaya McLeod; Honors Anatomy and Physiology – Stephen Old; APES – Sofia Martins; Architecture Design – Alex Harrigan; Technical Drawing – Andrew Porter; Engineering – Colby Gross; Computer Science – Mackenzie Luong, Amaya McLeod, and Marc Pothier; Game Design and Development – Jake Cronin; Multimedia Design – Logan Perry and Riley Farrell; Web Design and Development – Maxwell Tucker; and Robotics Engineering – Erin Besancon and Samuel Harris.

Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award: Stephen Old.

            Cape Cod Tufts Club Book Award: Sawichaya Phimolmas.

            Unified Arts Awards for Excellence: Photography – Arielle Troupe; Painting – Taylor Green; Ceramics – Charles Richards and Isabel Friedrichs; Drawing – Autumn Tilley; Visual Design – Jamie MacKenzie; Mixed Media – Sofia Martins; Visual Art Department Award – Taylor Green; Band 11 – Emily DellaCioppa; Band 10 – Andrew Poulin; Band 9 – Corinne Hibbert; A Cappella 11 – Edward Gonet; Chorus 11 – Christopher Bell; Chorus 10 – Drew MacGregor; Chorus 9 – Chloe Bean; Jazz Band 11 – Caleb DeVoe; Jazz Band 10 – Leo Grondin; and Jazz Band 9 – Jacob Hadley.

            Excellence in Intro to Early Education and Care (highest grade/average): Kelly Quinlan, Rylie Coughlin, and Theo Jacobson.

            Recognition Award Community Service in Early Education and Care: Rylie Coughlin, Elizabeth Harrington, Lila Bangs, Reese Burger, and Autumn Tilley.

            Classical and Modern Languages Awards for Outstanding Achievement: Latin 1 – Paetyn Tripp; Latin 2 – Allison Winters; Latin 3 – Sarah Wyman; Latin 4 – Autumn Tilley; Spanish 1 – Eva Hartley and Nashajiia Monteiro; Spanish 2 – Andrew Porter; Spanish 3 – Theodore Carroll; and Spanish 4 – Emma Thorell.

National Latin Exam

            Latin 2: Gold Medal Summa Cum Laude – Brenna O’Donnell; Silver Medal Maxima Cum Laude – Allison Winters; Magna Cum Laude Certificate – Cole Goldie; Cum Laude Certificate – Nicholas Miedema and Emma Whittaker.

            Latin 3: Silver Medal-Maxima Cum Laude – Caitlin Collier; Cum Laude Certificate – Mason Hanks and Rudy Arsenault.

            Latin 4: Gold Medal Summa Cum Laude – Marc Pothier and Samuel Harris; Silver Medal Maxima Cum Laude – Autumn Tilley; Magna Cum Laude Certificate – Nathaniel Bangs; and Cum Laude Certificate – Magdalena Brogioli.

            English Awards for Excellence: English 9A – Sara Kroll, Logan Perry and Emilia Perriera; Honors English 9 – Andrew Porter, Alia Cusolito and Corinne Hibbert; English 10 A – Kira Sarkarati and Rudy Arsenault; English 10 – Emma Van Ness; Honors English 10 – Corinne Robert and Caitlin Collier; Honors English 11 – Natalya Rivera and Logan Fernandes; English 11A – Jamie MacKenzie, George Barry and Nathan Yurof; Advanced Placement English 11 – Sofia Martins and Isabella Correia; Theater – Matthew Curry; Advanced Placement Seminar – Theodore Carroll and Reagan Rock; and Genealogy – Brianna Arruda.

            Mathematics Awards for Excellence: Geometry – Jaymison Gunschel and Logan Leblanc; Honors Geometry – Theo Jacobsen; Excellence in Algebra 1 – Amber Engel and Emily Abbott; Algebra 2 – Sarah Wyman; Honors Algebra 2 – Caitlin Collier and Rudy Arsenault; Honors Precalculus – Amaya McLeod; Precalculus – Isabella Hunt; Advanced Algebra with Precalculus – George Barry; Advanced Placement Statistics – Autumn Tilley; and Advanced Placement Calculus – Ethan Perez-Dormitzer.

            Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Colby Gross.

            Social Studies Awards for Excellence: United States History II (Grade 11) – Samuel Harris; United States History I (Grade 10) – Caitlin Collier; and World History (Grade 9) – Alia Cusolito.

            Principal’s Recognition: Freshman – Rylie Coughlin and James Thomas; Sophomore – Reagan Rock and Collin Carroll; and Junior – Tavish Nunes and David Ditata.

            Old Rochester Tri-Town Education Foundations Lighthouse Book Awards: Isabella Correia and Edward Gonet IV.

            Angela Pedulli and James Russell were named Sippican School’s Lighthouse Book Award winners.

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