ORR Unites for Spirit Week

What better way to spend the week before February vacation than by holding a Spirit Week? At Old Rochester Regional High School last week, they did exactly that.

It wasn’t rare to see Hogwarts students or Patriots fans wandering the hall in the themed dress-up days that encouraged students to take part in the fun on the lead up to a pep rally on Friday.

The majority of the school week consisted of Jersey Day (to support favorite sports teams), Pajama Day (a classic), Decade Day (dressing up in a specific decade’s style), and Character Day (think Halloween in February).

Friday held several events. For the final spirit day, students were encouraged to dress up in garments that demonstrated “school spirit.” However, Friday was also the last day at ORR for well-known science teacher Charles Howie. Students and staff alike dressed up in his signature outfit (a gray sweater and khakis) to honor him.

“Seeing people dress up as Mr. Howie was a nice tribute to the legacy he left at ORR,” commented Senior Class President Gabe Noble-Shriver. “Although his teaching methods were unique, he was appreciated by everyone.”

The annual Class Olympics pep rally took place in the afternoon, where the four classes at ORR would face off in team events to win cash prizes. The winning grade received $300, 2nd place got $200, 3rd won $100 and 4th place received $50 to put into their class funds. One of the events, Pictionary, gave pairs from each class one minute to draw given subjects before they were judged.

“Some of the favorite drawings were of Mr. Howie, their ideal new Bulldog logo, and Mr. Devoll cheering on the soccer team, even though he was one of the judges,” Freshman Class President Lucy Zhang said. “There was also a three-point shootout event, where a pair had thirty seconds to get a basketball through the hoop from the three-point line as many times as possible. One person would throw the ball, and the second would catch it and toss it back to the thrower. The freshmen girls won the event for us!”

Also played was the egg toss, a doughnut eating contest where one person held the donut on a string and the other tried to eat the donut with their mouth, and tug of war. Although the seniors were victorious in the tug of war competition, the junior class took home the overall first place Class Olympics trophy.

Despite the enthusiam and celebratory tone of Spirit Week and the pep rally, last Friday was a somber day for both the Old Rochester and Tri-Town communities.

Rochester PFC W. Becket Kiernan was laid to rest in the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne, and his procession made its way past the junior and high schools to allow students and staff to pay their respects. People lined the sides of Route 6 with American flags in hand to salute Kiernan as the procession made its way under a large flag suspended between two ladder trucks from local fire departments.

Principal Mike Devoll shared his thoughts on behalf of the entire ORRHS community.

“I would encourage all to consider something Becket said to a reporter from the OR School newspaper two years ago. He said, ‘Do something that, when you look back on life, you will feel fulfilled. Don’t chase money, do something that makes you happy, and don’t stop working until you get there.’ Great advice to live by from a great young man.”

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By Jo Caynon


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