ORR Student Council Shows Generosity

As the majority of Old Rochester Regional High School prepared for winter break, student council remained busy until the last days of school. Last Thursday, student council presented a jumbo “check” for $4,651.09 to a small group of afterschool club representatives. While this cardboard check may just be for show, it signifies the actual amount student council has donated towards the school’s club fee.

            The club fee, also known as the activities fee, is a $50 payment all students involved in afterschool activities must make in order to defray the cost of the clubs’ advisors. This year, ORRHS’s student council decided to lower the cost of the annual club fee.

            “We had homecoming dance, which we have every year, and this year we used all of the profits from the dance to donate to the activity fee,” explained Toby Kyle, one of the student council advisors.

            Kyle was proud to announce that student council’s donation lowered the club fee by about half.

            Along with the presentation of their jumbo check, a handful of student council members went caroling last Thursday. The students car-pooled to Hathaway Manor Extended Care Facility in New Bedford, where they met up with their two advisors to spread some holiday cheer.

            The students were welcomed by a room full of senior citizens. As they flipped through their songbooks, student council sang holiday classics such as “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Frosty the Snowman.” Many senior citizens sang along cheerfully, despite the fact that few student council members have had musical experience. Troy Rood, a guest caroler and senior member of ORR’s drama club and chorus, sang “White Christmas” in his skilled voice as a special treat.

            “I think the people enjoyed it,” said Kyle, happily adding, “I had fun!”

            Next year, student council hopes to make this trip to Hathaway Manor a tradition, perhaps even bringing students with musical instruments to make the caroling more entertaining.

            With Holiday Vacation now in session, Old Rochester Regional will be closed until Thursday, January 2, 2014. The first day back will be a delayed start day, with homeroom beginning at 8:30 am.

By Renae Reints

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