ORR Foundation Tabs Grant Recipients

The Distribution Committee of the Old Rochester Tri-Town Education Foundation announced its 2013 Grant Award Recommendations last week, and the group is set to divide its nearly $10,000 Lighthouse Fund among multiple projects.

Old Hammondtown School teacher Kevin Tavares will receive $634 for his proposal, the “OHS Courtyard Garden Edible Schoolyard Project.”

Courtney Aarsheim and Marissa Hughes of Center School will receive $1,934 for their “Responsive Training” curriculum enrichment program.

Faculty Mentor Deborah Stinson and ORR High School students Joshua Bardwell, Adam Costa, Abby Hiller and Tim Gonsalves will receive $3,000 for their video project “A Look Inside the ORR School District.”

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Elise Frangos, Technology Director Ryan McGee, and Curriculum Intern Audrey Farris will receive $3,500 for “ORR Visual Arts in the 21st Century: Multiple Platforms for Installation and Inspiration.”

The Distribution Committee selected awarded the four proposals after receiving nine submissions. Members included Chairman Kathy Eklund, Jackie Demers, Carol Hardy, Myra Hart, Karen Jacobsen and Paula Meere.

In addition, the ORR Tri-Town Education Foundation announced its 2013 recipients of the Lighthouse Book Awards, given to students for outstanding achievement in academic, cultural and civic achievement. The winners are selected by the teachers and principals of their respective schools, and each was presented with a Certificate of Achievement and a $25 gift certificate to the Bookstall.

ORR High School: Reane Reints and John Hewitt.

ORR Junior High School: Jack Gordon and Hannah Guard.

Rochester Memorial School: Michael Stack and Geneva Smith.

Old Hammondtown School: Alexander Wurl and Katherine Gillis.

Sippican School: Danny Hartley and Kyla Horton.

By Shawn Badgley

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