ORR Debate Team

The Old Rochester Regional High School debate team is halfway through their debate season. The team has been facing other schools on the Southcoast of Massachusetts via ZOOM. This year’s topic centers around answering the question, “Should the United States Federal Government substantially increase its protection of water resources?” Students take sides on the topic, often choosing a side that may not be their own personal opinion.

            Senior debate partners Mackenzie Wilson and Edward Gonet IV are on the “affirmative” team, arguing that the U.S. should increase its protection of water resources. The pair, currently undefeated, center their argument around the protection of water on Native American lands and how the infrastructure is in need of significant repair.

            Senior debate partners Maxwell Vivino and Samuel Harris are on the “negative” team and have to refute all of the affirmative arguments. Common claims that negatives have to make this year are that the proposals are too expensive or that the government would be better spending their money on different water projects.

            No matter what side, the students all enjoy the debate team. Sophomore Jaymison Gunschel explains, “Besides helping with obvious public speaking and argument skills, debate really helps foster and grow critical thinking and problem-solving skills outside of the competition itself. “Furthermore,” senior Mackenzie Wilson states, “I was so excited to finally take on my senior year of debate! So far, my partner and I are undefeated in the southeast Massachusetts debate league and are hoping for a straight shot into the finals. We’ve worked so hard throughout these past four years and for it finally to pay off during our senior year would be an amazing accomplishment!” We wish the team the best of luck in their final half of the year.

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