ORR Bulldog Pride Alumni Association

The ORR Bulldog Pride Alumni Association (BPAA) had set a goal of $3,500 for its fundraising drive, to coincide with the kickoff of the association during Homecoming 2023. Through events held from Friday, October 20 through Sunday, October 22, 2023, Alumni Weekend was organized for graduates of ORRJHS and ORRHS to come together in support of our school and to establish an outlet for alumni and friends to volunteer and contribute resources in service to students, teachers, and staff. The BPAA was committed to organizing an inclusive experience that brought together the common alumni experience that span decades. With attendance at the three events by over 100 alumni, the BPAA was able to reach its goals.

            The BPAA is proud to announce that donations received during Homecoming 2023 totaled $11,708 with an additional $23,000 in pledges through 2028. The amount that the BPAA raised during Alumni Weekend at Homecoming 2023 reached $34,708. This amount will go towards the BPAA bursary fund. The BPAA met its financial obligations through ticket sales, other forms of fundraising and other financial contributions received, with the intention of off-setting administrative costs.

            The association would like to thank all the alumni who attended the events and were generous with their time and financial resources. From connections built over Alumni Weekend, volunteers came forward to assist the association in reaching our long-terms goals as a charitable organization.

            With support from local businesses through their generous donations, the BPAA was able to offer select products and services to alumni at two of the three events organized over Alumni Weekend.

            The mission of the BPAA is to assist the ORR community, by providing financial and human resources for the benefit of not just a few but to improve the experience of many. The funds raised over Homecoming 2023 will go directly to supporting scholarships and grants to benefit students, faculty and staff of ORR. The volunteer efforts will be directed towards providing alumni expertise through a mentorship program.

            The BPAA is a recognized charitable organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, operating as a section 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations to ORR BPAA are tax-deductible. To help the BPAA help the ORR community, go to givebutter.com/bulldog-pride-alumni-associationor. If you’re interested in volunteering for the BPAA, we welcome you to contact us directly at bulldogpridealumassoc@gmail.com

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