Officials Cancel Mr. ORR Fundraiser

One of Old Rochester Regional High School’s biggest fundraisers, Mr. ORR, has been cancelled for this school year. In the past, the fundraiser has gone toward the Senior Class’s bank account. This year, the juniors obtained the fundraiser due to a new distribution of fundraisers.

When there weren’t enough junior boys who signed up for the show, the juniors offered the seniors a split of the fundraiser profits in the hope that there would be more interest with both the junior and senior boys campaigning for the title.

“It was cancelled due to lack of general interest and confusion in the planning,” said Senior Class President Abby Hiller. The advisors as well as the class officers agreed that they could not run the fundraiser successfully.

While Mr. ORR has been cancelled, there is a new fundraiser on the block: a Date Auction that will benefit the senior class. More information will be coming out in the next couple weeks concerning the event.

By Jessica Correia

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