Marion Scholarship Fund

To enhance the education of Marion students, the Town of Marion has two funds. Both funds are supported entirely by donations of generous Marion residents.

            The Scholarship Fund awards money to deserving Marion students as they head off to their first year of college. Applicants are asked to submit their transcripts, a list of extra-curricular activities and community service, and letters of recommendations. This year the Scholarship Committee received 13 applications and made the very hard decision as to whom to award the scholarship. If sufficient funds are available, multiple award winners are named.

            The Educational Fund contributes money to the Sippican Elementary School for items that are not covered under regular budget line items, but have been requested by teachers. This year we funded a special cart for overnight storage and charging of Chrome Book computers. This is an essential component to make full use of the computers which are an important part of the students’ curriculum.

            Whether writing a check, bringing in the loose change on your dresser, having a lemonade stand or a yard sale, we are grateful to you for your help. When you make your donation, in any amount, please specify which fund you would like your donation to go to: Scholarship Fund or Educational Fund.

            All donations should be addressed to the Marion Scholarship Fund, 2 Spring Street, Marion MA 02738. 

            Marion Scholarship Fund Committee: S. Cook, J. LeFavor, C. Pierce, M. Soden, D. White (Superintendent of Schools)

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