Falmouth Academy Head of School List

Falmouth Academy has announced its Head of School List for academic achievement in the first trimester of the 2019-20 school year. Students named to the list have earned at least three A’s and no grade below B-minus for the trimester that ended November 26, 2019. Falmouth Academy has 217 students in grades 7 through 12, from Cape Cod, the Southcoast, the South Shore, and Martha’s Vineyard.

            Tri-Town students named to the list include:

Lyric Beecher ’25, daughter of Jena Beecher and Peter Cacace of Marion

Aubryn Dubois ’25, daughter of Christin Dubois of Rochester

Elizabeth Feeney ’25, daughter of Kristin and Michael Feeney of Marion

Jackson Gierhart ’25, son of Karen and Jack Gierhart of Marion

Camden Jeppson ’25, son of Jennifer and Erik Jeppson of Rochester

Athena Kettner ’25, daughter of Deborah Kettner of Mattapoisett

Jack McGinnis ’25, son of Karen and David McGinnis of Marion

Reid Reimold ’25, son of Kristen and Rya Reimold of Marion 

Tessa Sperry ’25, daughter of Steph and Matt Sperry of Marion

Curtis Johnson ’24, son of Lauren De Simon and Clint Johnson of Marion

Patrick Shachoy ’24, son of Laura Ryan and Jamey Shachoy of Marion

Benjamin Giumetti ’23, son of Shannon and Donald Giumetti of Mattapoisett

Natalia Sudofsky ’22, daughter of Kate and Michael Sudofsky of Marion

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