Elks Student of the Month

The Elks of Wareham and New Bedford, Lodge No. 1548 sponsors the Elks Student of the Month and Student of the Year Awards for students enrolled in local area high schools. The criteria used in nominating a student includes a student who excels in scholarship, citizenship, performing arts, fine arts, hobbies, athletics, church, school and community service, industry and farming.

We congratulate senior Sophie Gurney of Mattapoisett for being selected as Student of the Month for January by the Old Rochester Regional High School faculty and staff.

Sophie deserves the honor of student of the month, as it is her mission to learn. She always does her best work and displays excellent effort in both academics and athletics. She is well liked by her classmates and by her teammates. She is a strong leader both on and off the field. Her friendly disposition also serves as a positive in the classroom and she motivates others to model this attitude as well. She compliments and praises acts of kindness because she, herself, lives each day by demonstrating kindness towards others. Sophie also volunteers in a local homeless shelter, tutoring elementary school students once or twice a week. She is that student who would be most likely to write a thank you card, no matter how big the gift or gesture was.

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