Elizabeth Taber Foundation

A few years ago, retired Headmaster Jay Stroud helped to create the Elizabeth Taber Foundation “to support, organize, and encourage the philanthropic endeavors of the Tabor Academy community.”

Mark Aimone and Sara Yeransian, both of whom work in the Advancement Office at Tabor Academy, lead a group of juniors and seniors in achieving this goal. This is primarily done through the distribution of matching grants to students and faculty who are working on philanthropic endeavors.

Anyone in the Tabor Community can apply to receive a grant from the Elizabeth Taber Foundation, which either helps the philanthropists begin their fundraiser or double (match) the profit that they make to help increase their donation to their chosen charity.

The Foundation has created a pool of funds that are set aside in order for them to achieve their mission. Before granting support, the students on the foundation board meet to discuss the charity for which the money is being raised to clarify that the donations will be going to a worthy cause.

Over the past few years, the ETF has helped students and faculty make a larger impact on the charities and the programs that they would like to support. For example, ETF helped the Boys’ Hockey Team donate more at their annual Travis Roy game, which helps raise money for the Travis Roy Foundation to fund spinal cord injury grants and research.

Due to the continuing success of the foundation, last year the group decided to expand its responsibilities. This group of students is now also in charge of Senior Giving, which encourages seniors to give back to the school throughout their adult lives. Although this used to be a separate program, it is now a sector of the Elizabeth Taber Foundation as it also encourages philanthropic spirit. The group also works to thank generous Tabor alumni for their gifts and contributions to the school.

The Elizabeth Taber Foundation is fairly new, but it has been quickly developing over the past few years. Now that the group’s impact and responsibilities are growing, it will ultimately have an even larger impact on the community and will continue to promote giving and philanthropy at Tabor.

By Julia O’Rourke


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