Class Warfare: Powderpuff

After the senior’s crushing disqualification during this year’s Homecoming skits, a power struggle emerged between juniors and seniors. During this year’s annual junior vs. senior Powderpuff game, there was a twinge of revenge exuding from the senior girls’ side. A win for the seniors would mean two undefeated Powderpuff years, avenging the lost skit competition, and regaining dominance as a senior class. A win for the juniors would mean maintaining the throne the junior class obtained during the skit competition and defeating last year’s winners of the Powderpuff game.

The seniors did reclaim their throne during the game, in a 44-0 shut out against the juniors. Senior Breannon Muse expressed the feeling amongst most of the senior class.

“After losing the skit, the seniors were more determined to beat the juniors,” she said.

Senior Erin Murphy was thrilled with their determination and win.

“It was very rewarding. A lot of heart involved in the coaching,” said Murphy.

Senior Abby Hiller looked to the big picture.

“Both teams put up a lot of effort. It was obvious that a lot of effort went into the coaching of both teams,” said Hiller.

The juniors felt the seniors’ determination helped their win. Junior Evelyn Murdock expressed the class’s view.

“I felt like the seniors had a better turn-out then the juniors. They had more girls who wanted to do it than we did,” said Murdock.

Luckily for the juniors, there is always next year. We will have to see whether the 2013 game delivers the throne to the class of 2014 or if they will be defeated by the class of 2015.

By Jessica Correia

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