Bishop Stang Graduates

The following Tri-Town students from the Class of 2015 graduated from Bishop Stang High School:

From Marion: Matthew Burnett, Matthew Lee, and Maura Lonergan

From Mattapoisett: Samuel Appleton, Meghan Cote, Sandra Decas, Emma Downes, Caroline Downey, Matthew Dufresne, Carolyn Foley, Meredith Gauvin, Megan Goulart, Rubén Llanas-Colón, Anne Martin, Katherine Martin, Veronica Piva, and Danlei (Gladys) Xiang

From Rochester: Meghan Domagala, Samantha Frias, Kyleigh Good, Mariah MacGregor, Tucker Mendonca, Stephen Mendoza, and Kenneth Viera

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