A Final Farewell to the Senior Class of 2018

It’s time to say goodbye to the senior class of 2018! As they approach their final week of high school, seniors begin to reflect upon lessons they have learned and experiences they have had during their time at Old Rochester, and think about the plans they have made for their futures.

            For some students, the last couple of weeks are about letting loose and having fun, with events like the senior picnic and the senior breakfast. For others, the final weeks are filled with studying for AP exams and finals along with the festivities.

            “Honestly, this last week isn’t great because my last two days are AP tests, so it’s just been lots of cramming until now,” said senior Jo Caynon. Caynon is attending Rutgers University where she will major in biology.

            For Caynon, “The most difficult part of senior year is staying motivated once you start to hear back from colleges in the fall…. It took a lot to keep going after that.” Looking back, she said, “It’s senior year, so [you] have fun but keep doing your schoolwork, regardless.”

            The most difficult part of being a senior, Katie Maclean said, “[is] just knowing that everything is finally coming to a close. It’s really weird to think that I won’t be returning here and that I’m going to be entering the next chapter of my life.”

            Maclean is going to Marimet College to possibly major in criminology and criminal justice, and hopefully go on to either Harvard Law or Pennsylvania Law.

            ORR Principal Michael Devoll said this was a “great senior class” that has been an asset in many arenas, calling them, “successful in class, on stage, in the community, and on the athletic field.”

            “A very strong group of seniors with a great personality,” Devoll said, “and I’m going to miss them tremendously.”

            Devoll’s favorite memory with the senior class of 2018 was unveiling the brand new Bulldog mascot privately to the seniors, and then publicly at the Pep Rally.

            Among other aspects, many seniors enjoy the atmosphere created by the students and staff. Christian Hotte said, “This school has an excellent community and some spectacular staff going for it.”

            Hotte will be majoring in game design.

            On Friday, May 18, about halfway through the school day, the speakers began playing “The Final Countdown,” initiating the seniors’ final moments as ORR seniors made their final dash through the hallways and into the next phase of their lives.

            As they leave the hallways of ORR, the interviewed seniors had some final advice to the students of ORR:

            “Start college applications and essays as soon as they open up on August 1,” said Caynon.

            Maclean advised future seniors: “Enjoy it. Don’t wish it was over, because then it’s going to be over in the blink of an eye and you’re going to wish you had more time.”

            “Enjoy the teachers and enjoy your classmates,” continued Maclean. “Don’t be mean to each other. Be kind, be grateful, and just enjoy every single moment of it.”

            On a practical note, Christian Hotte told future seniors, “It’s never too early to get a job.”

            Devoll has some advice for the new graduates as well. He says, “Take risks, take chances. Don’t be afraid to try something new, don’t be afraid to sail.” Devoll hopes that the seniors look back fondly on their time at ORR, and he wants them to know they are always welcome back.

            “We always want to hear how they are doing and celebrate their successes with them,” said Devoll, adding with a smile, “It’s a quick four years, but we hope they consider themselves lifelong Bulldogs.”


ORR Update

By Grace Mastroianni

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