World War II

To The Editor:

            There is an old saying about history repeating itself, and it certainly was true in the 20th century. The brave souls in World War I were responsible for preserving the freedom enjoyed by the Americans living back then. I remember when the last of those World War I vets passed into eternity and into our history books – those doughboys of old.

            In 1942, as a 4-year-old, I was drawing pictures of Adolf Hitler and Hideki Tojo in cartoon version. Too young to realize how crucial it was to defeat the evil axis that threatened the entire free world. Too young to know why women went to work in factories to support the war effort while their fathers and husbands and sons were on distant shores fighting the enemy. Too young to realize they did it for us and our descendants.

            If it weren’t for the brave souls of World War II, we who are alive today would be at the mercy of those oppressors or perhaps not here at all. It won’t be long until the veterans of World War II will rightfully take their place in history. God bless them.

Never Forget

A salute to the veterans of World War II,

As time marches on your numbers are few.

This land we enjoy so rich and so free

Would surely be lost if it weren’t for thee.

Let us never forget those who suffered and died

At the hands of our enemy on the other side.

They gave up their lives so brothers could live;

To defeat the world’s evil, what more could they give?

In foxholes, on water, or up in the sky,

Will always bring memories of the battle cry.

Now you who are left are old and so frail,

But memories of the Great War will never fail.

All through the years let your story be told;

The freedom you brought us will never grow old.

Our lives would be questioned if it wasn’t for you

The brave souls who saved us in World War II.

            Respectfully submitted,

George J. Smith, Veteran, USNR

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