Why I Resigned

To the Editor;

            Why I resigned from Tri-town Against Racism (TTAR)

            For the last forty-two years of my life my primary goal has been to lead a life that would lead God to say to me, when I stand before Him, “Well done my good and faithful servant”. I am, and have always been, a “community person”.  That is how I am known not only in my church family, among my friends and also by my family.  I like to be outside the walls of the church – meeting individual and community needs wherever I can.  I looked forward to involvement in TTAR and viewed it as an extension of things I have always done.

            TTAR was a very next logical step for me after attempts at dealing with the school district more than a year ago proved to need more than the work of a small committee I had formed. I was sure that I could be fully involved with TTAR without violating my personal beliefs, which have first and foremost consideration for me. Early on I made it clear to TTAR leadership that I have a biblical world view which is the word of God, which is the final word. 

            TTAR is an organization which is not only trying to make a difference in the community, it is making a difference. However, it is of course, not operating in isolation with all totally like-minded people.  It is made up of a diverse group of people all of whom are influenced to one degree or another by what is happening in society at large regarding racial issues.  There is so much more that space does not permit me to go into some of which I mentioned in my Letter to the Editor on September 24, 2020.

            I have learned the importance of measuring everything I do against the word of God. If I am part of an organization that supports areas and beliefs that are directly contradictory to my beliefs, I must speak up or remove myself.  I have met with Tangi Thomas, Jennifer Hunter and Alison Noyce, the TTAR leadership. These are three awesome women, for whom I have the utmost respect. They know that though I chose to resign, I am available to assist in any way possible as my care for the Tri-town and for them runs deep.


Barbara Sullivan

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