Unprofessional Behavior

To the Editor:

The decision of the ORR teachers to boycott the traditional senior citizen Thanksgiving dinner citing unsettled contract negotiations serves as an indictment on the teachers themselves and their union. This wonderful tradition of supporting our seniors began with the students and has always been supported by the teachers. My question is: What part do the students play in the contract negotiations or, for that matter, the senior citizens of the community as well?

Our seniors faithfully support the schools financially as well as through many other avenues. It has been my experience that the ORR school district and local schools have always received support from the communities for their budgets and other areas of the school community. To hold the students hostage is deplorable, totally unprofessional, and goes against the teacher’s mantra, “We’re here for the kids.” Teachers often complain about the lack of respect they receive. With such behavior, they certainly will receive more of the same. Perhaps the teachers need to be reminded that respect is earned and not simply gained by position and profession alone. Their behavior is not only deplorable and unprofessional, but shameful as well.


Joseph F. Napoli, Marion


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