Thank You Roger

To the Editor,

It was with great sadness that I learned yesterday of Roger Blanchette’s decision not to seek another term as Selectman for the Town of Marion. As someone who has always looked deeply into issues, been engaged in service to the town, both in public service and with his private time in so many capacities, for more than two decades, and always felt compelled to share his misgivings or support on a host of issues we are losing a tremendous voice for all by his exit from the Board. Roger will leave very large shoes to be filled by his successor.

While Roger’s advocacy, or lack thereof, of any actions regarding the Town of Marion have always had his characteristic vigor, no one ever believed that he did not shoot straight. He called them as he saw them – and was always willing to discuss them with anyone, whether they agreed with him or not. Sometimes he even changed his mind – always admitting when he did so. He is truly an honest man with integrity and character and his absence will be a loss for all of us.

By now we all know his story – growing up very poor and always working very hard. His long and successful career in the textiles industry – an industry that struggled mightily to stay alive and prosperous. This hardscrabble upbringing and success in a truly dog-eat-dog industry developed him into the strong personal character that we have all come to know – and many to love.

I am sure that I speak not only for myself, but for many, many others, in wishing Roger the very best for his future and sincerely hope that he will continue as a private citizen to be engaged in the issues facing the Town of Marion. Knowing Roger, he will not “go quietly into that good night.”

Thank you for your service, Roger.

Tom Magauran, Marion

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