Thank You

To the Editor;

            Thank you to Representative William (Bill) Keating, Democratic representative serving the 9th Congressional District, for recently joining five (5) other Massachusetts Congressional Representatives as a co-sponsor of House Joint Resolution 48 (HJR-48).

            The Resolution’s language closely matches that of the State’s “We the People Act” which is presently being considered in the State Legislature.

            HJR-48, introduced in the House of Representatives by national organization Move to Amend and sponsored by Rep. Pramila Jayapal, is designed to win a two-part amendment to the U.S. Constitution affirming that:

            1. Rights protected under the Constitution are the inalienable rights of human individuals and not of incorporated or artificial entities, and

            2. Money spent to influence elections is not protected free speech under the First Amendment and shall be regulated by Congress and the states.

            This amendment is required to overcome the avalanche of special interest money which is buying our elections and controlling public policy. Just as importantly, the extension of Constitutional rights to corporations, such as the Citizens United v. FEC 2010 Supreme Court decision, has resulted in the courts overturning hundreds of laws protecting our health, safety and the environment.

            Thank you, Rep. Keating, for your support once again of this critical resolution aimed at protecting our democratic form of government.

Jack W. Dean, Mattapoisett

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