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Hello interested Tri-Town readers,

            I am writing this article to update you regarding the Brendan M. McGee Music Scholarship Fund that was established at the Rochester Memorial Elementary School in 2003 in loving memory of our son, Brendan. This was to offer any fourth, fifth, or sixth-grade student with a passion for instrumental music to explore that interest. Also, any sixth-grade student desiring to pursue their music career entering seventh grade was given the opportunity to apply to the music scholarship fund for the instrument of their choice, which was awarded during their sixth-grade graduation ceremony. Throughout the years, this has brought great joy to our hearts to share these many momentous occasions with the aspiring musicians, an experience we would not have wanted to miss!

            Over the past years we asked that any student who received a musical instrument but is no longer playing it to please return the instrument to Mrs. Williamson at the Rochester Memorial School to be enjoyed by future aspiring musicians. This will be much appreciated by all.

            I recently had a conversation with the music director, Mrs. Chris Williamson, regarding the use of the current balance remaining in the music scholarship fund. My husband Bob and I want the fund to continue to support and benefit the Music Department and its students. It gives us great pleasure to announce that it is our sincere desire that Mrs. Williamson and Mrs. Sue Ellis decide how the funds will be spent, thereby fulfilling the needs of the Music Department and all of its aspiring musicians.

            The following letter states beautifully how this will be accomplished:

Hi Maggie.

            Following is the list of instruments we plan to order for the RMS Music Department.  Thank you again!!

            1 Yamaha Baritone Saxophone, 1 Yamaha Bass Clarinet, Orff Glockenspiels and Xylophones, Boom whackers, Tambourines, Hand Drums & other assorted Drums, Cymbals & Finger Cymbals, Castanets, Rhythm Sticks & Mallets, and Triangle holders

            Looking forward to a more “normal” year in the fall, and these items will mean so much to our students.

Thank you!!

Chris & Sue

            Thank you so much for taking the time to read and be part of our exciting new updated plans for the Brendan M. McGee Music Scholarship Fund now in its eighteenth year in memory of our beloved son, Brendan. We are honored to be of support to the Music Department of Rochester Memorial Elementary School and the students wanting to explore their musical talents.


Maggie and Bob McGee

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