Six Good Reasons

To the Editor:

            No question, we live in an extraordinary town. How did it get that way, and how will it stay that way?  By caring, dedicated residents like you stepping up to serve on boards!  

In three months, the town will hold its annual elections. On Friday, May 15, Marionites need to fill: a three year term on the Board of Assessors, a one year term for Moderator, one three year term on the Board of Health, one three year term on the Select Board, two three year terms and a one year term on the Planning Board, two three year terms on the Marion School  Committee, one three year term on the ORR School Committee, two three year terms on the Marion Open Space Acquisitions Commission, and one three year term on the Upper Cape School Committee. Thirteen positions for you to consider! SIX GOOD REASONS!

1. To keep Marion Great!  2. To give your kids something to brag about!  3. To save a sidewalk!   4.  To start your training to run for governor, Senator, or President!  5. To Add to your Resumé 6. To indulge your sense of civic duty!

            Election papers are now awaiting you at the Town Clerk’s Office in the Town Hall. You need to get twenty signatures and bring them back to Clerk Lissa Magauran by March 23 at 5 pm. Please give this serious consideration! Marion needs you to run for office! Looking ahead to the election season:

            NOW – Candidates’ papers available – Town Clerk’s Office  

            March 23 – Candidates’ papers due -Town Clerk’s office, 5:00 pm

            April 17 – Candidates’ Night – Music Hall, 7 pm

            May 13 – Annual Town Meeting – Sippican School – 6:45 pm

            May 17 – Town Elections – 8 – 8 – COA (Route 6)

            For more information, contact the Clerk’s Office at 508-748-3502.

Tinker Saltonstall, Member, League of Women Voters

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