See You at The Library

To the Editor;

            Regarding the recent “See You at The Library” event held on August 5th at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library, it’s my conclusion that some folks wanted to rouse a protest based on false premises.

            A detractor of the event claimed that the flyer used to promote the event implies the Public Library was sponsoring the event because of the headline, “See You at The Library.” Well, that was the name of the national event, verbatim. Its bottom banner clearly shows the connection to

            Nowhere on the flyer did it say the Public Library was sponsoring the event. It did inform people where the event was being held. I would call that an important detail to include.

            The event featured the book “As You Grow” written by the actor Kirk Cameron. I defy you to find anything in that book harmful to the LGBTQ community or anyone. The book uses the tree as a symbol of a nurturing family and community with the uppermost branches an allegory to God. The story encourages children to love their family, friends, and all the tree’s inhabitants. Is that the “right wing propaganda” detractors are referring to?

            Or was it something else in our program? Let me encourage everyone to view the event we requested ORCTV to record and broadcast. You’ll see that we followed a simple program. We had entrance and exit music by Pete Seegar’s “Children’s Concert at Town Hall”; sang “God Bless America”; recited the Pledge of Allegiance; said a prayer; read “As You Grow” by Kirk Cameron, then “The World Needs More Purple People” by Kristen Bell; and then a video / book reading of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”; some coloring, ice cream, and a closing prayer. Very right wing. It’s hard not to chuckle.

            The extent of contact with the Massachusetts Family Institute was an email that they sent out making people aware of a national event. Brave Books was contacted, and they invited everyone to join an online discussion. Neither group ever asked for our content nor was given it. So much for our duplicitous activity in this right-wing cabal. By the way, the children loved the event and asked us to do it again. Someone owes the Town an apology.

Micki Kane, Mattapoisett

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