Residents of Costal Mattapoisett

To the Editor and Residents of Costal Mattapoisett,

            The Wanderer’s cover story last week left me shaking in my boots. Take another look at the photo of flood markers on the telephone pole.

            Then read the accompanying story again – and again – and again, just like I did.

            On my Easter Sunday walk, I noticed the same markers at Harbor Beach. I am 5’10” and my eyes faced the 1991 Hurricane Bob band. I raised my right arm as high as I could and didn’t get within 3 feet of the 1938 Hurricane band.

            My home on Aucoot Road is about 18 feet above the high-tide mark, according to engineers. The stone wall at the rear of my home is much lower.

            Read the third paragraph of the story again relative to MHHW (Mean Higher High Water). Then read paragraphs 4 and 5.

            If you live in the Mattapoisett Neck area you are probably getting a message, especially if you’ve attended the first two meetings.

            If you live elsewhere along the coast, read the last paragraph and insist that the meeting on May 19 be in-person, in a place large enough to hold a crowd. And above all, insist the study participants let the public know how rising tide and more fierce hurricanes are likely to affect property owners elsewhere along Mattapoisett’s coastline, including Harbor Beach, Crescent Beach, the village waterfront, and so on.

            At age 89, I should stop the shaking. But I worry about those who will be affected over the next 50 years.

            I plead with those involved with the study to give us the whole story at the next meeting.

Brad Hathaway, Mattapoisett

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