To the Editor;

            In the January 30 Letters to the Editor page (A16) of the Wall Street Journal, under the heading “Covid, the Spanish Flu and Return of History,” appears the following paragraphs:

            “We deal with the immediate in this country. Little time is spent in reflection, or of understanding the past. That life repeats itself is lost on us. History enjoys little space in public or private life. No wonder we are set to repeat the errors of the past.

            “In the rush of our busy lives, we need to take time to reflect. Institutions need to retain memory, often sadly lacking. History needs to be a valued component of our education. Historical knowledge is valuable in navigating the challenging world we live in whether it be individually or as a nation.”

            Let’s not leave out states, cities and especially towns! Stay tuned to the continued Old Slough Road public hearing scheduled with the Mattapoisett Select Board for Valentine’s Day.

Brad Hathaway, Mattapoisett

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