Mattapoisett Town Meeting

To the Editor:

            I am writing to urge the residents of Mattapoisett vote NO at the special town meeting November 4th on the proposed marijuana zoning bylaw amendments.

            Although the Planning Board voted 3-1 to approve the amendment at the open hearing on October 7th, the one absent member had voted in opposition at the Spring meeting. The vote at the October meeting did not necessarily illustrate more support by the Planning Board

            Town residents in attendance voiced serious concerns about odor and revenue estimates. At previous meetings concerns were also raised about traffic flow, the light emanating from the plant and contaminated irrigation runoff. No Mattapoisett resident stood and showed support for the cultivation of recreational and medical marijuana in Mattapoisett.

            Please seriously consider how a marijuana cultivation facility would affect the character of Mattapoisett as a seaside oasis.

            Thank you.

Rachel McGourthy

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