Mattapoisett Planning Board Hearing

To Whom It May Concern,

            I am writing in regard to the Planning Board Hearing story that was published on June 21st wherein FALSE statements were made about me at this meeting, then published in The Wandereras being factual and, moreover, damaging to me and my reputation.

            For the record, I wish to confirm that I am not under investigation by the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission for any matter involving my performance as the Chair of the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission; moreover, I did not receive so much as a phone call from the Ethics Commission in regard to any matters concerning my duties as Chair.

            I did receive a “threat” from the Town Administrator to report me to the Ethics Commission and my response to him was that I have done nothing wrong and that I have nothing to hide, and to go ahead with his complaint if he had evidence to back up his claim, which, by the way, dates back to October 12th of 2017.

            This was simply an intimidation tactic on behalf of the abutters to the “Snowfields project”.

            I publicly replied then and do so again now with a quote from the esteemed George Bernard Shaw, “Never wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty but the pig likes it.” Something I understand and uniquely appreciate as an actual Pig Farmer. Like the pigs, I too have thick skin; however, I will not tolerate false statements about me in public forum, especially when the source, according to Brad Hathaway was another Public Official.

            It is important to be cognizant of fact versus fiction, and that just because something gets repeated in a public forum does not mean it is the truth. Brad Hathaway, as a former newspaper journalist, should be aware of this and his actions constitute no less than slander.

            I am happy to report the fact that I am not under investigation by the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission and that I expect the work of our Commission to be upheld on this project.


Michael D. King

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