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To the Editor:

I am a concerned resident of the Mattapoisett Housing Authority apartments at Village Court. For the past several months, I have been listening to the Housing Authority Board members reasons why the implementation of a no smoking policy has not been able to move forward. Blame has been placed on the “state” and the Boston Department of Community Housing Development. It has recently come to my attention that several other Housing authorities have implemented such a ban. They include Worcester, Fitchburg and New Bedford.

Besides the fact that smoking is a health hazard, we recently had a waste basket fire caused by an improperly disposed cigarette which forced residents into the cold weather. It could have been worse and heaven forbid, it could happen again and spread into other parts of the building!

I am not sure why the Housing Authority Board is dragging this out … perhaps it is their lack of concern since all, but for one member, reside in this community!

If other Authorities can work “diligently” on passing smoking bans, I can only wonder why this Authority cannot do the same? I do not wish to be subjected to second-hand smoke and neither do I wish the same for the elderly residents of Village Court!


Stephanie Mitchell, Mattapoisett


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  1. Ted King says:

    What about the elderly residents of Village Court who still smoke? Given that many are from the World War II generation and beyond, it’s likely a few of them still smoke. What about there being able to continue to smoke in their own homes in these the winter of their years?

    • Laura Matz says:

      Sorry what about the rest of us in our last year’s …we don’t have a choice they do ..stop or find a place that will except the health hazard

      • Laura Matz says:

        Smokers can go elsewhere if they choose not to stop, or go outside 25 feet away from building in a enclosed smoking area.

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