Mattapoisett Conservation Commission

To the Editor:

I found Ms. Newell’s account of the recent Mattapoisett Conservation Commission’s March 12 meeting alarming.

I also find that when a local official says something is in the “town’s interest,” they don’t usually mean “in the interest of most town residents” but rather that it is in the interest of a tiny minority who might profit from it in some way.

We currently have a ConCom Chairman who voted against a wetlands protection act the commission had been working on for two years. He is also against any state level review of the current situation.

I disagree. I still have many unanswered questions about the legality of building any residences on a property that was listed as unbuildable for over 90 years. The Chairman wants to “condition as many projects as possible” as soon as possible.

I think that instead an objective analysis of the current projects before the ConCom is in the interest of a majority of Mattapoisett residents.

We won’t get an objective opinion from town officials.

I think we do need to ask the District Attorney or the Attorney General’s office to help us sort this situation out, as soon as possible.


Beth Underwood


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