Make Mattapoisett “Special”

To the Editor:

After reading the article from the Clarksons, I decided to send a few of my thoughts regarding the Inn in Mattapoisett. Usually I enjoy reading other viewpoints about subjects that are particularly meaningful to me. Often I reflect on their opinions, and it helps broaden my horizons and perhaps color my decisions.

However, this article left out some of the highlights of this outstanding establishment over many years. We have all heard about the complaints of a few neighbors, but let us not forget the many ties and memories that have been created over the long history of this delightful restaurant and Inn. Our daughter was a waitress at the Mattapoisett Inn well over thirty years ago and I’m quite sure many residents can recall that the Inn has remained exactly the same. Perhaps you enjoyed a simple night out, or a wedding reception, or the long-awaited “opening” of the Porch. It appears that the only change is the neighborhood.

Furthermore, we had guests this summer who were hoping to find weekend accommodations in Mattapoisett. We suggested the Inn at Shipyard Park and they could not have been happier with the food, the hospitality, and their gracious rooms. The entertainment was an added pleasure!

It brings our family so much pleasure to see our children and grandchildren look forward to an evening at the Inn with their friends who have been away at college or jobs or perhaps have relocated. Yes, I am sure that the patrons have enjoyed some “spirits,” but when they depart after 10:00 pm their “spirits” have been lifted, their hearts are full of happiness, and their memories have been rejuvenated!!

In closing, I should like to commend our police department and our Board of Selectmen for continuing to make Mattapoisett “Special”. Thank you for your dedication to our town!!

Liz Field, Mattapoisett


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