Life Changes in an Instant

To the Editor:

Thursday, June 8, started out like any other day. I had work to do, errands to run, a vet appointment for the dog, and kids to be transported to and from their usual activities. It was a normal day for a mother of two teens.

I had just dropped off one child at her horseback riding lesson and was heading down from Rochester to pick up the other one at Old Rochester Regional High School.

In an instant, my day changed. One moment, I was approaching the turn onto Route 6 from Spring Street in Marion and the next, my vehicle and I came to a stop behind the old Cumberland Farms gas station. The air bags had deployed and the front quarter panel was crumpled where the other car hit mine, but I was OK. The seat belt I was wearing did its job and restrained me. I had no apparent wounds and no broken bones. Other than being shaken up, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I exited the vehicle.

In an instant, I was surrounded by people. I was informed that someone had already called 911 and that help was on the way. One man placed his hand on my shoulder and just kept talking to me. Another brought me water. Still others brought me my purse, my lost shoe, and my glasses. And there were those who were helping the driver of the other vehicle, too.

In an instant, police officers, fire fighters, and EMTs were on the scene. They got right to work cleaning up the debris, asking questions, administering first aid, and performing their jobs in a very professional manner. In what seemed like no time at all, Officer DiCarlo had collected all the necessary information, and I was informed when and where I could get the accident report. I then watched as the two vehicles were towed away.

Ironically, a conversation I had earlier that morning centered on how quickly life can change and how each day you have to see the sun despite the clouds, hug your loved ones despite the disagreements, and be grateful for each moment you have because everything can change in an instant.

I walked away from the accident with some bruises and a new appreciation for what can happen in an instant. For in that instant, many people set aside their differences as they united to help the victims of an unfortunate accident. It didn’t matter that our races may have been different, our genders different, our religions different, or our political views different. None of the differences mattered. The only thing that mattered was that help was needed, and in that instant when two worlds collided, many stopped what they were doing to help. To all of you who rendered assistance on that fateful day, you have my heartfelt gratitude. You entered my world – if only for an instant – and made it a better place. Thank you!


Marcy Smith, Rochester


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