Inn on Shipyard Park

To the Editor:

We are Kathryn and Leo LaMontagne who have lived on the north side of 11 Water Street for some twenty-three years. Now senior citizens, we remain excited about living next to The Inn on Shipyard Park and communicating with so many different people who frequent the Inn for food, camaraderie and entertainment.

During this time we have known and been neighbors of the owners including the Goddus, the Kinsale people and recently Nils Johnson and Andrea Perry. We have never had to complain to the owners or the police about noise, traffic or other situations. Some years ago, the Goddus asked us to landscape the Inn front and we continued that activity until two years ago.

Our home is some nine, thirteen and sixteen feet from The Inn. While living next to The Inn, no neighbors have complained to us of noise or problems. We enjoy being Inn neighbors and are positive about the present owners request to repair and expand the porch some three or four feet and adding a few seats.

We are neighbors in just a short period of time in the era of an historic Inn dating to 1799. When we moved next door we accepted the Inn as neighbors and are pleased with our choice.


Leo and Kathryn LaMontagne


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  1. Gary Gaspar says:

    I would love to be next door to a place of rest like the Inn. Oh, I am, I live in Mattapoisett.

    • Dave Sullivan says:

      That a boy Gary Gaspar! May I join in the chorus? Just down the road “a piece” and love it, as well. Local business is good for all. Wishing smooth sailing to Nils & Andrea for many many years to come, after this momentary “chop” subsides.

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