Holiday Thank You

To the Editor:

The Sinnott family would like to sincerely thank the members of the Mattapoisett Police Department, Mattapoisett Fire Department, and Mattapoisett Water Department for their professionalism and dedication. After our neighbor noticed an alarm going off in our home at 2:00 am on Christmas morning and was unable to reach anyone in our family by phone, he called the police who responded quickly and were able to wake us. When they determined that the alarm was coming from our carbon monoxide monitor that none of us had heard in our sleep, they called in the Fire Department. These firefighters, all volunteer, had to respond to the call from the comfort of their own homes and beds—in the early morning hours of Christmas! Many of the firefighters and police officers told us, as we waited for the situation to be assessed, that they had early morning plans to open presents and celebrate the holiday with their families and children in just a few short hours.

As we waited outside for the Fire Department to fully ventilate the area, which they had determined had high levels of carbon monoxide, the kind neighbor who had called in concern in the first place offered to let us wait in the warmth of his living room or to even spend the night if our house was deemed unsafe. Luckily, the Fire Department and Police Department declared our home safe within the hour, and everyone was able to return to their families.

We are so grateful and proud to live in a town with such immense Christmas spirit. From the neighborly actions of Don next door who called the police, to the police officers who calmly and professionally woke us and took the appropriate next steps, to the firefighters and Water Department officials who promptly came rushing from their own families on Christmas Eve to make sure that ours was safe – we are clearly lucky to call Mattapoisett home.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

The Sinnotts


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