Friends of the Plumb Library

To the Editor:

            We, the board of the Friends of the Plumb Library in Rochester, would like to thank all our volunteers who were so instrumental in the success of our first summer Tent & Book Preview Sale on Saturday, August 18. We could not have had such a positive outcome without you, our volunteers. You are very dear to us!

            And, a special thank you to Steve and Mo Sperry for donating a beautiful tent set up for our occasion. Without the shade from the tent, our afternoon would not have been so pleasant and successful. Plus, it was just beautiful and attracted attention!

            These fundraisers and our membership help us support all the Library’s children and adult programs. Without the funds gained from these events, we would not have such a fun lineup of programs.

            Now, onto our main Book Sale on Saturday, September 15th! Thanks, again and see you on the 15th!

Linda Medeiros, Sheryl Aguiar, Beverly Passantino, and Leith Patnaude


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