Faith, Hope, and Love

To the Editor:

            It takes a special form of bigotry to claim that a peaceful, family-centered gathering of Christians and other like-minded people at a local library for an event of “Faith, Hope, and Love” should be seen as something “troublesome” or sinister.

            I have never heard anyone in this town speak disparagingly toward anyone because of their skin color or sexual orientation. What I have repeatedly witnessed myself, however, are unapologetic attacks by members of our community towards faithful Christians that would make the heart of any bloodthirsty Marxist swell with pride.

            Make no mistake. It is not paranoid to plainly recognize that the message from many in our town is one of anti-Christian hate, and their ultimate goal is to eradicate anyone who dares to promote or exhibit faithful Christian values in the public arena.

            If Massachusetts began rounding up Christians into camps and chained the doors of St. Anthony’s Church shut tomorrow, I imagine Beverly Baccelli and others like her would likely react, “Well, that’s a good start.”

            Mattapoisett is a wonderful town, and we need to reject the division, bigotry, and dishonesty being spewed by Baccelli and recognize the Mattapoisett Democratic Town Committee as the hate group of bullies that it actually is.

David F. Pierre, Jr., Mattapoisett

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