Evening on Sippican Harbor

To the Editor:

            Although threatened by Hurricane Ida up to an hour before the event, she bypassed us and close to 300 guests were able to enjoy the Second Evening on Sippican Harbor at one of Marion’s beautiful historic waterfront homes. It was an evening of community, to enjoy one another’s company while providing an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the proposed pavilion project that the Friends of Marion’s Council on Aging and the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Park Committee hope will soon become a reality.

            Special thanks to our generous donors and local businesses for their support of this event and of the Cushing Community Park Project. Local businesses joined the refreshment team with donations along with 65 volunteers in providing homemade hors ’doeurves and desserts.

            The 26’ by 36’ pavilion will be the largest covered outdoor facility in Marion. It will expand what goes on at the Center, hosting activities through three seasons and for some hearty souls, perhaps the fourth. COVID concerns notwithstanding, the number of people who enjoyed events and activities under a tent on the property the past two summers demonstrated how much people want to recreate and socialize outside under shelter. The fundraising effort is off to a good start having raised $130,000 towards the initial goal of $150,000, although like so many other projects, has been subject to volatile building supply market to their original bids. Keep your eye on the thermometer recording our progress on Route 6.

            The proceeds from our upcoming yard sale being held at the Cushing Community Center on Saturday, October 9, will go towards the park project as will the funds raised from the Festival of Trees planned for late November. All gifts of any size are welcome and can be sent to the Friends of Marion COA, P.O. Box 937, Marion, MA 02738, or donations can be dropped off at the Community Center. Please note donations are for the Pavilion project.

            Together we can continue to meet the needs of the community and keep Marion the place that we call home.

Many thanks,

Merry Conway, President

Friends of Marion Council on Aging

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