To the Editor,

            Mattapoisett has just concluded a vigorously contested election.  My congratulations and thanks to all the local candidates and their supporters for both participating and conducting themselves in a manner that a republican democracy strives to achieve.

            I was fortunate to be a poll observer during the day of the election.  It was a ‘learning experience” even though I have not volunteered to do so in over 20 years. Today’s Early Voting, Mail In ballots and computers have required all ‘Observers’ to train and pay attention to the process.  Many questions voters may have about the process are soon answered in a few hours of observation.

            Often, we only hear negatives about the election process from all perspectives. I cannot remember an election official as the recipient of praise. Well, that’s about to change.

            We are also fortunate that our Town Clerk, Catherine Heuberger, and her staff are extremely competent at conducting our Town’s elections.  We had a very large turnout with many early and Mail -In ballots. They require additional time to validate and count.  Some voters had to be added and some reactivated during Election Day.  It was hectic.  But it was never without the proper safeguards for its integrity. This was done with both integrity and efficiency.

            Catherine is an exceptional public servant.  She is both helpful to the citizens and those who participate in our political system.  She encourages citizen participation in all phases of the election process – from testing machines prior to providing the final election results.  Catherine is a leader who manages by ‘wandering around’, providing support for her team. Her people trust her competence and do not hesitate to ask questions, seek help and due to their trust in her, act promptly and correctly.  That is the embodiment of a leader.

            Mattapoisett had an outstanding election.  Catherine and her team deserve our admiration and respect. Job Well Done!

Paul Criscuolo, Mattapoisett

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