Dear R.M.S. PTO

Dear R.M.S. PTO,

            Just a little thank you for your generosity during Teacher Appreciation Week and throughout the year!

It all began on Monday,

With some lovely breakfast eats.

Casseroles of cheesy tater tots,

And other tasty treats.

Next came yummy popcorn day,

List of flavors was so long.

Cinnamon toast crunch and strawberry cream,

You really couldn’t go wrong.

Italian day was Wednesday,

Pans filled with cheese and sauce.

Garlic bread overflowing.

And salads we could toss.

Thursday brought healthy choices,

Of yogurt, granola and trail mix.

With bowls made out of waffle cones,

A healthy snack we did fix.

Topping it off on Friday,

With a delicious sundae bar.

Complete with all the fixings,

From cookies to candy bars.

We can’t begin to thank you,

For showering us with these treats.

And for all the ways you show you care,

Your kindness can’t be beat.

            Gratefully yours,

Rochester Memorial Staff

(K. Mathieu)

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