Community Cultural Arts Center

To the Editor,

            The Marion Art Center recently held their 2022 Winter Members’ Show presenting the work of talented community artists. Reporting on the exhibit, The Wanderer called the Marion Art Center “the jewel in the crown” of the community. Indeed, it is! For many years, the MAC has offered opportunities to see and participate in a variety of cultural activities, including art exhibits, theater, musical and drama performances and educational workshops. 

            Alas, Mattapoisett has no such cultural center. Yes, our fine Public Library has presented lectures, musical performances and art exhibits, but despite the outstanding efforts of the staff, the space is not a proper venue for these activities. Visual art is often arranged haphazardly atop the stacks competing with books, periodicals, other permanent artworks and windows or in a basement meeting room that is not obviously accessible to the library’s patrons.

            The Mattapoisett Museum also offers historical exhibits, lectures and musical performances, but the space has a limited display area, similar distractions, the acoustics are lacking and the seating uncomfortable.

            The good news is that Mattapoisett has two potential opportunities to rectify the lack of a first- rate cultural venue. The recently vacated fire station and the possible future move of the Town Hall to the Center School building offer a rare opportunity to raise our cultural profile to a new level our citizens deserve. True, either renovation would require deep pockets, the active participation of the community, volunteers, town officials, benefactors and other arts advocates who share a vision of a vibrant “Community Cultural Arts Center” for such a venue to become reality.

            These opportunities may fade away. The bike path didn’t become a reality overnight and neither did the new fire station. Before the old fire station is demolished or a developer acquires the historic Town Hall and turns it into high priced condominiums, the time to start a conversation around Mattapoisett’s cultural future is now.

Dick Morgado, Mattapoisett

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