Cellphone Tower

To the Editor:

            I recently became painfully aware of the need for a cellphone tower in Mattapoisett. Due to recent surgery, I am now at risk of falling and in need of a fall alert system, which would notify the fire department and police. I am a resident of Village Court, which does not have a good system in place for residents. All we have are pull cords that just turn on a light in the hallway, which does nothing.

            I was recently advised by my health care agency that my insurance would pay for such a system. When the technician arrived to install it and tried to set it up, he was unable to do so. This was due to the fact that I only use a cellphone and have no landline. He informed me that the system relies on being able to pick up a cell tower signal. Mattapoisett, for some reason, does not want one in this town! It is beyond my imagination as to what the objection is! I am sure that there are other seniors in this town who would have the need for a tower due to the fact that having such poor service, if 911 had to be utilized, at times it would be impossible to pick up a signal.

            So, I am imploring to the powers that be, please have a tower installed. These days the aesthetics of this town would not be compromised due to the fact that towers can be camouflaged and blend into the background. The only tower on North Street points to the highway – it does is no good.

            Thank you,

            Stephanie Mitchell, Mattapoisett

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