Bike Path

Dear Editor of The Wanderer;

            It’s not often people say thanks enough for something special. This letter is one we hope will convey our thanks for something very special in Mattapoisett.

            We wanted to deeply convey and express our thanks and gratitude for the beautiful addition to our town with the extension of the bike path. We watched and waited patiently and finally when the day came we got to thoroughly enjoy meeting new fur friends and their owners while walking on the new addition. This letter is a thank you as well as our pup lightening, the big white dog, loved the walks he got to take often twice daily with the beauty and serenity that made us all so happy.  Our big white pup lightening moved over the rainbow bridge this past week and won’t get to continue his enjoyment of the new addition to town, but we know he would want us thanking all those involved for making something so special he got to enjoy as often as possible.

            As for us we will be back at walking minus our four-legged pal, but will savor the memories we made with him. We as a town are so very, very lucky to have another special place to go, explore and enjoy.

            A sincere thank you to those again who made it possible.


            The Oldham Family, Mattapoisett

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