Allan Schubert

To the Editor:

            Mattapoisett has lost a real treasure with the recent passing of Allan Schubert. A multi- talented and very humble man, Allan worked tirelessly raising monies, initiating and supporting so many events and causes for the people of Mattapoisett. His quiet involvement and love for the community resulted in benefits to the Town of Mattapoisett that continue to give pleasure to this day. 

            Allan was involved in the Mattapoisett Library addition where he sought monies not only from “deep pockets” but through his “Tile Project” where he was also able to involve the everyday patrons, including youngsters. Tiles could be purchased and decorated, and these decorated tiles are still a special part of the Library today. 

            Allan and his lovely and talented wife, Mary, originated the first “Taste of the Town” to support the Mattapoisett Library, and this wonderful community event enhances the Harbor Day celebration to this day. 

            Allan also shepherded the reconstruction of “Salty” the historic landmark Seahorse on the corner of North Street and Route 6, and he also volunteered many hours adding information to the community bulletin board at the corner of Route 6 and North Street, which keeps all posted on current events. 

            He was the past president of the Tri-County Music association which was rejuvenated under his command and became a first- class organization. 

            An avid golfer, he also organized the “Rochester Duffers”, a summer golf group of men, and arranged the tee times at various golf courses on the South Coast. 

            All who knew Allan, and were privileged to be able to call him a friend, will miss him dearly. However, his legacy of kindness, gentleness, humility, and commitment to family and Community will live on. “Mattapoisett is Special” because of the likes of Allan Schubert! 

            May he Rest In Peace! 

Bob and Pat Clarkson 

George and Maureen Butler

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