To the Editor:

I am appalled and disgusted by the amount of trash that is destroying our beautiful town! I have never seen so much of it and am astounded that it is being obviously discarded carelessly by uncaring people!

I started to put a trash bag in my trunk and stop as often as I can to pick up what I can, but the amount is daunting and seems to reappear quickly!

Who is doing this? In a time when one shouldn’t profile, it sure seems to me like it is our contractors and workers since most of the items are empty lunch containers, coffee cups, drink bottles, pizza boxes, etc. What is most alarming is the number of ‘nips’ that I am picking up! Hundreds of them all along the roads. If these are workers, it brings up additional concerns as well.

What can we do to catch the perpetrators? Cameras? Something needs to be done or this situation will not improve.

I would like to ask any concerned and able citizens to help clean up this mess and join a campaign to stop it!

Thank you,

Liz Hatch, Marion


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