Michael Jon Eldridge

Michael Jon Eldridge, of Rochester, MA; 36 years old passed away unexpectedly on September 8, 2020.  Michael will be missed dearly by his beloved family and friends. Michael had such a great sense of humor that touched so many lives. He had a huge heart; and would kindly offer it to those that were less fortunate than he, in so many different ways. His true sense of gratitude was beyond what anyone might expect from him. He always went out of his way to thank anyone for even the smallest, kind gesture.

            Michael had a very kind, and gentle side to him. He was a sensitive and humble soul. Michael was truly liked, by many people. He had the most genuine smile that was so perfect, that it made people smile themselves.

            Michael was very hardworking. He has worked in the trades for several landscaping companies, as well as painting, masonry, sheet rocking, foundations, flooring, and carpeting over his years of employment. He at times could produce the work of two, maybe 3 people. Michael was a vey helpful person to many people, including his family.

            Michael lived for the great outdoors. He was in his element no matter what season it was outside; he spent countless hours outside, no matter if it was, Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall. He loved to work, and play in the snow, rain, sunshine, as well as in storms. He enjoyed, all that it takes to maintain a yard like shoveling, raking, mowing, and making fires to burn the brush; and with all that it takes to keep up a yard. Work was like play to him in this realm. Michael was a very adventurous person. He loved to camp, and ski, bike, and hike.

            Michael had a true love of music. He really loved many different genres. Music was often, his saving grace. It spoke to his heart and soul.

            Michael left behind his beloved daughters, Ava Mae Laplante, 9 years old of Rochester, MA. Kiera May Eldridge, 5 years old of Rochester, MA. He held them so dear to his heart. He took the time to engage with them whenever they were together with him. His beloved parents; He also leaves behind his Mother, Ann Janet (DeSorcy) Eldridge of Rochester, MA and his Father, David Eldridge of Rochester MA. His younger Sister, Sarah Ann Eldridge of Rochester, MA. His Maternal Grandparents, Elaine (Caron) DeSorcy, and Joseph DeSorcy both of Marion, MA. His late Paternal Grandparents formerly of Mattapoisett; Frederick Eldridge, and Myrtle (Johnson) Eldridge. His late uncle, Roy Eldridge also of Mattapoisett. On both sides of the family he is survived by several Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, and Nephews.

            Michael had a private service on September 19, 2020 surrounded by family, and friends, in the yard in which he worked so hard to keep beautiful.

            In Michael’s final days he wrote a post on Facebook that we would like to share with the world. It is dated July 13, 2020 at 2:02am.

            I apologize to everyone for not doing better. Everyone that has ever met me knows that I am a good person. I have an addiction problem. It’s held me down and back the majority of my life.; making choices that are not in my best interest. I am running out of the most precious commodity known to man, and beast. Can you guess what it is? It’s time; at 36 years old I feel I have wasted too much time here on earth. I feel sad, and lonely. It’s only because of the good family, that is loving, caring, and forgiving that I have made it this far. If I have hurt you, or disappointed you along the way; know that it wasn’t me, it was a chemical calling the shots. Be careful my friend’s; if you are reading this please pray for me.

            May God Bless you Michael, and May You Rest In Peace.

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  1. Patricia (Russell) Davidson says:

    God Bless Michael and all of his family. Addiction is a terrible thing. May he rest in peace now. He had a sweet soul.

  2. Nancy Boutin says:

    Dont know you but do. I have a beautifull son who is struggling. If one person can see the light from reading your truth.imagine the great thing on earth you left here. I cried when I read this. May this next journey be peaceful. So fly away. Nancy Tuttle Boutin

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