Florence Marie Byron

            Florence Marie Byron, age 52

            The brilliant, soulful, freewheeling Flo Byron “peaced out” on July 19th.

            To know Flo was to have your mind blown regularly, so varied and profound were her talents. Flo was a bonafide genius, a master of both brain sides. Having skipped the third grade, she was the youngest of thirteen girls in Tabor Academy’s inaugural coed class of ’83. Special curriculum had to be developed to accommodate Flo’s unique mathematical abilities, and she graduated Tabor with enough credits to enter Wellesley College as a sophomore. Flo was also a brilliant writer. Although writing came easy to her like everything else, that never stopped her from giving her best effort. She delighted in raising the bar to her higher standard, then worked hard to exceed even her own expectations.

            Flo could run any operation optimally, always with flare, attention to detail, and a calm that made work seem like a fun adventure. She was a born leader, a natural delegator, the quintessential Queen Bee over all she surveyed. “Momma Flo” had a lifelong passion for taking care of others. Everyone’s go-to resource, she would work tirelessly rather than disappoint. Never judging, she would happily offer creative solutions to your business or personal problems. She was always willing and able to go that extra mile some might think unnecessary, always wanting to demonstrate the depth of her love.

            Flo was a free spirit, intentionally flouting convention in ways that made everything more exciting, more beautiful, and better than ever. She did what she wanted, usually when she wanted. Without shoes, often with flowers in her hair, she could be found outside by a fire near the ocean or deep in the woods, camping or listening to live music with people she loved. A lover of animals and nature, the outdoors was both her happy place and her wheelhouse.

            Flo was an artist of love, appreciating the simple joys of every day. Flo was the hostess with the mostest. She knew how to throw a party and how to make magic out of ordinary moments. Those of us who have had the joy of a Flo-wrapped gift, a Flo-crafted card, or a Flo-finessed meal, know we’ll never have any of these things so good again. She knew how to make people feel special, how to see and bring out the best in them, and she knew how powerful that was. Her reward was a richer life filled with people who loved her dearly.

            Flo was brave, bold, wild and free to the end. Her escapades were legendary, her beauty and generosity epic, her soul evergreen. Ever the optimist, even when life gave her lemons she always made lemonade and asked for more. Her word was as good as gold, always. Her devotion was unfaltering, her love the best stuff of earth. Flo would humbly scoff at all this adoration. She’d proudly say her greatest effort in life was her daughter Anthea, and rightly so. She raised a genuine and amazing individual; a one-of-a-kind bright light that will surely shine on. Just like her mom.

            In classic Flo fashion she wrote her own epitaph. It reads “Flo Byron was here. She lived, loved well and died here. No regrets.”

            Flo resides in heaven now. She is preceded by her beloved father, Alexander Byron; her grandparents James and Evelyn Byron of Wareham; her grandparents Lester and Florence Crancer of St.Louis, MO; her aunt Florence Byron of Wareham; and her uncle Chris Byron of Rochester.

            Flo is survived by her devoted partner Gil Andrade of New Bedford; daughter Anthea Tripanier and her husband David Jr. of Fairhaven, brothers James Allen and Christopher Charles of Marion, sister Suzanne Elizabeth of Wareham, mother Suzanne of Marion, and grandchildren Delilah and David III of Fairhaven; uncle Charles Byron and aunt Joanne Byron of Wareham as well as many cousins and dear friends.

            A graveside gathering will be held at Evergreen Cemetery in Marion with a real Celebration of Life party to follow on Saturday, August 17th at 1pm. Flo wished for live, potted flowers only. Please send to Chapman, Cole & Gleason Funeral Home in Wareham.

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