Christopher Preston Throop

Christopher Preston Throop, of Clearwater, FL, formerly of Mattapoisett, MA died peacefully in Hospice care at the age of 79 on April 3, 2024.

            Chris entered this world on Oct. 28, 1944, as the war wound down. His parents met in London where they both served the war effort – Monty as a combat pilot and Joan as an officers’ driver. They moved their young son to a small family farm near Poughkeepsie, NY.

The farm was paradise for a hands-on lad like Chris. He had his own horse at age 5, built his first boat at 15. And so began the life of a builder.

            Chris served his country in the Navy, then graduated from SUNY at Albany where he studied History and Philosophy. Fresh from college, IBM hired him as a technical writer and he remained there until a life-long love of boats compelled him to the shores of Southeastern MA where he refined boatbuilding and woodworking skills. No matter the project, his work reflected a passion for fine craftsmanship and an exquisite attention to detail.

            In 1993, Chris and his wife launched their restored Atkin Cutter and set sail for a decade of life at sea, ultimately sailing 30,000 miles together, exploring the waters from Maine to Trinidad. Chris could fix, improve, or design a solution to every challenge the ocean hurled their way. And through it all, his careful seamanship kept them fearless and free from harm.

            Chris is survived by his wife, Wendi Hayes; his step-children; Darby Valentini, Emily Ford- Hinds, and Andrew Ford; his brother, Montgomery Throop; and his niece, Kristen Throop Boucher.

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